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Dr. ART (Sergey V. Artemenko ND, Ph.D.) PROFILE


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 Cathiodermie - Rejuvenating treatment for the skin using electric stimulation in minimal doses.

Chiropractic treatment emphasizes manual therapy including spinal manipulation and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation, and includes exercises and health and lifestyle counseling.


Electro-acupuncture - Acupuncture-type treatment that utilizes low-voltage electric current instead of fine needles.

Electrotherapy - Treatments that use ultrasound, short waves, infrared rays or various forms of electricity for curative results.

Acupressure An ancient Chinese technique based on the theory that there are meridians (pressure points) on the body that correspond to different organs in the body. When pressure is exerted on a particular meridian, energy pathways are stimulated for those particular organs to which the meridian corresponds and contracted muscles are encouraged to relax.


Acupuncture. Ancient Asian healing technique, which targets energy meridians through the use of fine needles or low-voltage electric current (electro-acupuncture). Its purpose is to relieve arthritic, neurological and muscular tensions.

Alexander Technique. A bodywork system created in the 1890s by an Australian by the name of F.M. Alexander. Its purpose is to help improve posture and to correct bad physical habits that cause stress on the body.

Bubble Bath - Water bath saturated with pressured air. The water temperature is 97F-99F, the bath lass for 15 to 20 minutes. Procedure alleviates neurosis and insomnia problems


Carbon Bath - mineral water saturated with carbon dioxide. The guest relaxes in the bathtub with the head above the side of the bathtub so he/she does not inhale the carbon dioxide. Water temperature is 93F to 95F; duration of the bath is 15 to 20 minutes. The bath strongly congests the skin, improves heart activity, and reduces blood pressure and stress.



Bio Meridian Therapy.
Balance between all body organs.


 Colonic irrigation - A water enema that cleanses high into the colon.


 Detoxification - A process that speeds up or facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body and increases circulation. Often heat, water and herbs are used. Detoxification therapies include steam, sauna, inhalation therapy, and whirlpool baths.

 Diathermia - Treatment uses high frequency streams at a low voltage to heat muscle tissues, increasing circulation in the blood and lymphatic systems. It also improves metabolism, relieves the contraction of non-striated muscles and reduces pain.


Dulse scrub - To remove dead skin and to enrich the skin with vitamins and minerals, the body is scrubbed with a mixture of powdered dulse seaweed and oil or water.

Ergo therapy - Active exercises focused on improving the overall state of health for guests. The treatment is targeted at improving work performance, rhythm and speed of performance.

Esalen massage - A modern variation of the Swedish massage, developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Its focus is not so much on relieving muscle tension or increasing circulation as it is on creating deeper states of relaxation, beneficial states of consciousness and general wellbeing. Whereas Swedish is brisk and focuses on the body, Esalen is slower, rhythmic and hypnotic, and focuses on the mind/body as a whole.

European facial - A massage technique that cleanses and steams the face, shoulders and chest area. Its purpose is to nourish and refine skin.

Exfoliation - A treatment whose primary purpose is to scour dead skin cells from the body; from the Latin word exfoliate, which means 'to remove leaves'.

Facial - A deep-cleansing treatment of the face, neck and shoulders.

Fango therapy - A combination of hot paraffin wax and natural volcanic ash spread over the entire body (or parts of it) to promote joint and muscle mobility and relaxation and alleviate aches and pains due to illness or injury. Fango is Italian for 'mud'.

Feldenkrais method - Created by Moshe Feldenkrais, a Russian-born Israeli educator, this 'movement therapy' uses gentle manipulation of the muscles to help reprogram them to work more efficiently. Subtle changes are introduced to the person through touch, which will help to break up old patterning.

Four-chamber galvanization - A medical procedure involves using galvanic streams. Improves the metabolism of soft tissues, speeds up the regenerative process.

Foot massage - A technique that maintains that the body is divided into 10 zones, all of which have a corresponding reflex area on the foot (or hand). Applying pressure to a particular massage point on the foot (or hand) helps circulation, promotes relaxation and relieves pain in one of the 10 body zones.

Gommage - A cleansing and rehydrating treatment through the use of creams which are applied in long, massage-type movements

Gas envelope - CO2 gas bath, also called "Maria's Gas" is formed underground and issues from fissures in the earth. Part of the body is covered in plastic bag filled with gas that may be absorbed through clothes. Duration of the treatment is 10-30 minutes.

Gas Injection - Gas collected from local natural springs and applied under skin after being screened trough special filters. Injections are administered by a nurse, the dosage is usually 20 - 50 ml per one injection. The area of injection is puffy for about one hour and patient would feel pressure when touching it. It is caused by gradual absorption of the gas.

Hanging exercise - Exercises are performed in thermal pool and used for relieving the limbs by excluding the effect of gravitation. The physician will advise it for people with severely damaged muscular functions as well as neck and back pain.

Haysack wrap - Body detoxification treatment through the use of steamed hay.

Hellerwork - A system of deep-tissue body work, stress reduction and movement reeducation developed by Joseph Heller.

Herbal wrap - The body is wrapped in sheets soaked in a heated herbal solution, then covered in plastic blankets or sheets. The heat eliminates impurities from the skin and enhances muscle relaxation.

Hydrotherapy - Water treatments (underwater massages, hot and cold showers, mineral baths and jet sprays, for example) which assist in the healing process of almost any ailment. This therapy, which is one of the oldest methods known to man, provides both stimulation and relaxation at the same time.

Inhalation - Mineral waters improve the function of the mucous membrane of the breathing membranes. It has anti inflammation effects, makes a sputum liquid and eases the expectorating. Very effective treatment for asthma. Recommended with natural salts for the catarrhs of the upper breathing system or herbal infusion can be applied.

Iodine-brine therapy - A treatment that uses bathing in water rich in iodine and salt as a method of facilitating the recuperation and convalescence process.

Light treatment - Effects of light therapy (sunlamp, infrared light and solarium) and laser therapy are used by spa professionals to treat joint pain and relieve muscular tension.

Loofah scrub - A full body scrub with a loofah sponge and sea salt usually mixed with a warm oil (avocado or almond). Its purpose is to exfoliate the skin and to stimulate circulation.

Lymph drainage - A gentle and pulsating pressure or massage of specific areas of the body located around the lymph nodes and toward the heart. The purpose of this massage - used extensively for neck, head, and shoulders during facial massage - is to increase the lymphatic flow to promote the body's internal cleansing (toxin drainage).

Magneto therapy - An effective method for treating rheumatic diseases and joint pain, swellings and bone diseases.

Mudpack - A healing treatment prepared with nutrient-rich muds from the bottom of thermal spa lakes. The body becomes hot and absorbs vital substances through the skin. The mud can be used for either full or partial packs depending on the physician's prescription. The pack temperature is 109F to 111F. Its purpose is to improve cell regeneration, stimulate lymph glands and balance hormones. Mineral-rich mud cleanses pores and relaxes muscles. The mud, especially high in magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and calcium, will reduce arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Mud bath - Body is taken standing up in organic thermal mud with high content of minerals. Thermal water can be used to increase the temperature to 102F. Bath takes from 5 to 8 minutes. Its purpose is to release muscle tension, reduce joint pain and nourish the skin with minerals.

Mirror or mineral bath - Treatment is taken in a specially coated metal bathtub with natural mineral water from thermal lake, at a temperature of 102 Fahrenheit. The heat from the thermal water causes blood congestion, enhancing oxygen transmission to the organs, relaxation of the muscles and alleviation of the joint pain, fibromyalgia. Biochemical effects of the natural curative resources influence endogenous environment of the human body. The physician determines the duration of the procedure, from 10 to 25 min.

Neuromuscular therapy - A technique that concerns itself with bringing relief from soft tissue pain and dysfunction. The focus of the work is to find the origin of the pain and address it. NMT renews structural homeostasis by restoring normal physiological functioning among muscles, nerves and the musculoskeletal system, and is very effective for breaking chronic pain cycles.

Ortho-bionomy method - A technique developed in the 1970s by the body worker Arthur Lincoln Pauls. This approach uses gentle, relaxing movements and postures to help the body release tensions and muscular holding patterns, without use of force or pressure. Its goal is a restoration of structural alignment and balance.

Oxygen therapy - Treatment with the oxygen towards the improvement of oxygen supplies to the cells and immunity improvement.

Paraffin treatments - Hands, feet or the entire body are dipped in warm paraffin wax, a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and then covered in plastic wrap. Wax is peeled off after it hardens, about 15 minutes later. Besides leaving the skin smooth, ingredients in the wax moisturize and increase joint and muscle mobility.

Peat bog bath - Baths are readied from naturally wet, disintegrated peat bog. Peat bog comprises 98.5% of organic substances, mainly humic acid, tannic acids and enzymes, resin and wax. It has anti-inflammation effects, enhances the blood circulation of the skin, activates enzymatic reactions, relief a pain. This procedure is used for treatment arthritis pain, eczema and psoriasis.

Peat bog wraps - It is a form of thermal healing. It uses the transformation of the heat into the body - at first to the skin and secondly to the deeper skin layers by the transit of the ions to the body especially the sulfur, iodine, ferrum and mainly humic acids with an anti-inflammation effects. Peat bog absorbs the rests of skin epithelia and the particles of the sweat. Treatment is recommended for reducing arthritis pain, gynecological disorders and respiratory disorders.

Pfrimmer therapy - Developed by Therese Pfrimmer, this technique works across the muscles, manipulating deep tissues, and is aimed at stimulating circulation and regenerating lymphatic flow in order to promote detoxification and oxygenation of stagnant tissues.

Phytotherapy - A generic term used for treatments through mudpacks, baths, massages, or inhalation using natural herbs, plant oils or extracts.

Pilates method - A body conditioning system which focuses on improving flexibility and overall body strength without building bulk. Developed in Germany by Dr.Joseph Pilates during the 1920s.

Polarity therapy - Founded by osteopath Dr. Randolph Stone, a massage technique combining deep pressure massage with gentle rocking and stretching. The purpose of the method is to achieve correct body alignment.

Reflexology - A system of massaging specific to the hand or the foot that promotes healing, improves circulation, and relieves stress in other parts of the body.

RepÍchage - Facial or full body cleansing and moisturizing treatment using clay or mud, herbs and/or seaweed.

Rolfing - Created by Ida Rolf, this intensive, deep and sometimes painful massage technique is used to realign the skeletal structure, improve energy flow and relieve stress caused by emotional trauma.

Roman bath - Heated mineral (thermal) water Jacuzzi with jets and benches for seated bathing.

Rosen method - A technique developed by Marion Rosen that uses gentle, non-intrusive touch and verbal exchange between practitioner and client to help draw the client's attention to areas of stress or tension. This serves to help the client become fully aware of how the patterns of tension are associated with emotional or unconscious material. This awareness itself is the key that allows the tension or holding patterns to be released.

Russian massage - Massage technique that requires precise angles for the muscles and joints. The deep-tissue massage aims to stretch the muscles out.

Salt glow scrub - A mixture of coarse salt and aromatic oils rubbed all over the body to help shed flaky and drying skin and improve skin circulation and texture.

Sauna - Dry heat used to open the pores and encourage the sweating out of impurities.

Scotch spray - A high-powered water spray using hot or cold mineral water or freshwater. The guest stands and turns around slowly. The treatment starts with water at a temperature of 100F to 108F lasting for 30 seconds, and then continues with cold water for 5 to 10 seconds. The process is repeated several times and finishes with a cold spray. The treatment regulates abnormalities of the blood circulation and increases the strength of the immune system. An excellent invigorating, energizing and cleansing treatment.

Seaweed face mask or seaweed wrap - The face or body is covered in mineral-rich seaweed which is then rinsed off, leaving the skin smooth, revitalized, remineralised and restored.

Shiatsu - A Japanese massage technique in which pressure is gently applied along the meridian points of the nervous system's energy paths. The purpose of this massage is to revitalize and balance the endocrine and immune systems and to stabilize energy flow.

Sports massage - A deep tissue massage - often around the joints - for treating specific muscle groups.

Stepping bath - Treatment uses two small baths. One is filled with water at a temperature of 104F to 122F, the other with cold water at 50F to 61F. First, the guest enters the hot bath and remains there for about one minute while walking constantly. Then the guest enters the cold water and rubs one leg against the other while walking for 15 seconds. This is alternated 6 - 10 times. The treatment relieves the pain of the lower limbs, increases the immunity and speeds up the rinsing of the harmful substances from the body.

Stress management - A program of meditation and deep relaxation intended to reduce the effects of stress on the system.

Structural integration - A system that relieves the patterns of stress and impaired body functioning due to poor posture, chronic and acute conditions (such as lower back pain, or neck and shoulder injuries) through the manipulation of deep and superficial connection tissue, plus movement education.

Swedish massage - This European massage technique was developed in the late 18th century by a Swedish fencing master. It combines various techniques including stroking, kneading, manipulation and tapping of muscle tissue. One of the primary goals of Swedish massage is to speed the venous return of unoxygenated and toxic blood from the extremities and to shorten recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes. It increases circulation without increasing heart load in order to relax muscles and improve overall circulation.

Swiss shower - Powerful water jets aimed at different parts of the body to create an invigorating massage.

Thalassotherapy - Water-based treatments using seawater, seaweed, algae and/or mud to rejuvenate, energize, cleanse, nourish and detoxify which improve circulation, detoxify and revitalize the body.

Traction treatment - This treatment, taken on a traction table or in a thermal swimming pool, is mainly used for relieving shortened muscles, stiff spinal connective tissues or neural structures. It is mainly recommended for relieving pain of the spine.

Underwater massage - Treatment uses the effect of a hot bath and massage, providing relief for the muscles. Person relaxes in a large bath or Hubbard bath in a water with a temperature of 97F-99F. Massage with a stream of water lasts for 15-20 minutes.

Ultrasound therapy - has beneficial results in treating diseases of the joints and bones, relieving painful tension of the transverse muscles and creating local tissue congestion. Similar effects are achieved with interferential streams.

Vichy shower - An energizing treatment with water jets of varying temperature and pressures.

Visceral manipulation - A form of manipulation that focuses on the internal organs' environment as well as the organs' influence on many structural and physiological dysfunction.

Vodder massage - A manual lymph drainage technique developed by Danish-born Emile Vodder in the 1950s.

Watsu - Underwater Shiatsu massage.

Whirlpool - Treatment is applied to the upper and lower limbs either in small baths or in a bathtub. The water temperature is 97F to 100F. Apart from relieving congestion caused by heat, soft massage from the whirling water has a relaxing effect on soft tissues and muscles.

Water exercises - Exercises are given in groups under the supervision of a physiotherapist in the thermal swimming pool at a water temperature of 91F.
zero balancing - Created by Fritz Smith, MD, this is a system that focuses on guiding the body to find its own equilibrium by balancing body energy and body structure